• [articles] Artforum, Shiseido “RougeRouge,” etc.

    Some articles about Mohri’s solo show in Taiwan and columns Mohri wrote etc. have been published.

    - Writings
    Column, “What Do You Think about ‘to be Simple’?” & Premium (japanese). vol.3, no.8, Tokyo: Magazine House, June. 2016, p.27

    Column, “My Rouge.” Shiseido “RougeRouge” Campaign (japanese). June. 2016, <http://red.shiseido.co.jp/rougerouge/myrouge/>

    - Magazines
    “Japanese Men and Women of Making 21st Century vol.67: Yuko Mohri.” Aera (japanese). no.1571, Tokyo: Asahi Shimbun Publications, 4 July, 2016, p.73

    Chan, Dawn. “Tomorrow Never Dies.” Artforum (english). vol.54, no.10 (Summer), New York: Artforum International Magazine, June 2016, pp.161-162

    - Web
    Shiomi, Yuko, Wakabayashi Hiroyasu and Uehara Takuma. “Art Circuit Project #2: What Makes the Art Varue?” Dentsu-ho (japanese). 13 July, 2016, <http://dentsu-ho.com/articles/4255>

    Wu, Ying-Hui. “Circus without Circus: Nobody But Not Silence.” Chinatimes (chinese). 3 July, 2016, <http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20160704000351-260115>

    Katagiri, Jin. “Visiting Art: Roppongi Clossing 2016, the Exhibition the Cutting Edge Artists Get Together.” Cakes (japanese), 29 June, 2016, <https://cakes.mu/posts/13238>

    Chu, Daphne. “Cricics’ Picks: Taipei – Yuko Mohri.” Artforum (web) (english). 28 June, 2016, <http://artforum.com/picks/id=61199>

    Ter, Dana. “Art Exhibition Listings.” Taipei Times (english). 17 June, 2016, <http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/feat/archives/2016/06/17/2003648798>

    “Project Fulfill Art Space, Circus without Circus: Japanese Artist Yuko Mohri’s First Solo Exhibition.” Art Emperor (chinese). 15 June, 2016, <http://artemperor.tw/tidbits/4642/0>