Nissan Art Award 2015

BankART Studio NYK, Kanagawa, Japan

Nov. 14–Dec. 27, 2015

Exhibited Works: Moré Moré (Leaky): The Waterfall Given

This work is an extension of Moré Moré Tokyo in two dimensions.
By preparing frameworks inspired by Marcel Duchamp, such as the ready-mades, The Large Glass, and Étant donnés, Mohri produces two-dimensional works made by actually causing water leaks to appear at various sites, and attempting to plug them. The work is finished when she successfully manages to control the leak and cause the water to recirculate. A landmark for Mohri, this work looks upon previously neglected corners of the city with a humorous yet critical eye.
This work won Mohri the Grand Prix at the Nissan Art Awards 2015.

photo: Keizo Kioku, photo courtesy of Nissan Art Award 2015

Nissan Art Award 2015