TBD [solo]

Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan

Sep. 11, 2025–Jan. 18, 2026

Curator: Fiammetta Griccioli and Vicente Todolí

Yuko Mohri’s (Kanagawa, Japan, 1980; lives and works in Tokyo) site-specific installations often combine ready-made objects with electronic circuits that respond to almost invisible events such as gravity, magnetism, and humidity. Her humorous compositions hint at the latent complexity of the world’s structures and reveal the constant shifting of energy around us. Focusing on transient phenomena that shift according to different conditions, her works create organic eco- systems that respond to random elements of the surrounding space such as air, dust and debris, or temperature. Mohri often incorporates musical instruments to record the imperceptible movement of the invisible forces at work, which are later translated into electrical currents that create unpredictable sound compositions. At other times, the in- put/output system created by the artist sets off erratic chain reactions within the installations, transforming the environment into liv- ing spaces that interweave the artificial and the natural.

Courtesy of artist and Mother’s Tankstation, Dublin/London

TBD [solo]