Note for “Voluta”

– What are you planning for your installation at Camden Arts Centre?

The exhibition entitled “Voluta”. The word means a lot of things :a snail, a spiral pattern of greek columns, or, a graphical design found on the head of violin or guitar, and also twisted wires. Also diffused in Asia as a foliage scroll pattern, it can be found in contemporary design as a symbol of life force.
My works, most of which are installations working by electricity, treat phenomenons such as a magnetic feedback or a light sensors effect. The word “Voluta” then evokes a image of coils, banded cables, further, endlessly rotating “Rotorelief” of Marcel Duchamps.
For the show, I will make three apparatus using an organ, a metallophone and acoustic equipments, materials related with sounds. Now I have a picture of my installation like an organic space, twisted and braided through keywords of “error,” “improvisation” and “feedback.”

– How have you brought in the musical elements? Is it a composition or an improvisation, or another mode of music?

I often refer to John Cage. He composed, improvised and created another mode of music, all together. He determined a boundary of what makes music as it is and in the same time transgressed it himself. Being inspired by him, I then make art works using insrtuments, with “the way of living through inadvertence,” parodying a term “chance by inadvertence” by Pierre Boulez, when he criticized John Cage.

Yuko Mohri 14 Mar. 2018
(Translated by Nayo Higashide)

Note for “Voluta”