“The Way Things Go,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, 2016



Although it uses machinery, Parade is intended as a florid yet tranquil organic space filled with sound and movement, inspired by “the poetry of beings and things.”
The title of the work comes from the piece by a French Composer Eric Satie. In association with the composer, who created the “furniture music,” the wall paper automatically plays sound in this installation.
This work’s former name is Ofuna Flower Center, botanical garden that Mohri used to frequent as a child. 

“Japanorama,” Centre Pompidou-Metz, 2018

“Form of the Daze,” Jane Lombard, New York, 2016

“DOMMUNE University of the Arts,” 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Japan, 2014 photo: Hiroaki Sagara,

video: Minatomachi Art Table, Nagoya [MAT, Nagoya], 2015

Parade (former name: Ofuna Flower Center)
Materials: Bell-lyras, Balloon, Blower,Accordion, Drum, Loudspeaker, Water pitcher, Whisk, Lamp bulbs etc.
Size: Dimension variable